Welcome to FLH's 2023 opening hunt!


How many attendees will be joining the Friday evening staff party?

How many attendees will be riding at opening hunt?

Are riding attendees members of FLH?

How many non-riding/cartopper attendees?

Are you or someone in your group available to assist as a volunteer?

If you are available to drive cartoppers, please provide the name of the driver, vehicle type, and space availability. (Example: Dave Drummond, truck, 4 inside, 4 in truck bed)

If there are cartoppers in your group who need space in a vehicle, please list their names, ages (if under 18), and any preference on vehicle (e.g., haywagon, inside a vehicle, ok with back of truck bed).

Please provide the names (first and last) of all attendees who will be joining the breakfast ($15). (Breakfast includes white wine chicken with wild rice and green beans, tossed salad w/ dressing, mini cheesecakes.)

Thank you for RSVPing! To pay your breakfast or capping fees, please use this link.