Why adopt a trail?

In order to keep our hunt country safe and enjoyable to ride through, we require hunt members to participate in trail maintenance and improvement in the form of five volunteer/work days. Adopting a trail gives members the opportunity to “own” the upkeep of a specific trail and have more flexibility in scheduling—trail adopters can coordinate with a master to work on their trail at any time over the summer or during the season.

Them map below shows most of the trails in hunt country. (Thank you to Lucy Hirsch for the map and notations.) The trail names that are greyed out have already been adopted. Please contact Jim Fain or Steve Thomas to adopt a trail.

Adopted Trails

Huntsman’s Trail and extenstion, Middle Trail – Jill Cook and Chris

Sally’s Trail — Mark French and Bruce McEnroe

Longest Road — Candy and Steve Smith

1. Pucker Hill
2. Old Truck Trail
3. Stump Trail
4. Brushy Pasture
5. Huba’s Woods
6. Zewalk’s Gate
7. Huntsman’s Trail
7x. Extension

8. Thoroughfare
9. West
10. East-West

11. Middle-East Trail
12. Middle Trail
13. Walnut Trail
14. Sally’s Trail
15. Jim’s Trail
16. Mel’s Bells
17. Ferdinand’s Freeway
18. Tick
19. Hodge’s Road
20. Hodge’s Trail

21. Cat Briar
22. Secret Pond
23. Hodge’s Pond
24. Fallen Down House
25. FDH Draw
26. Arapaho Jump
27. Sneak Out
28. Marina
29. Slick Rock
30. Little Green Valley

31. Jelly Beans
32. Slant Road
33. North-South Trail
34. Fire Break
35. Diagonal Trail
36. Stile
37. Polar Express
38. Longest Road
39. Food Plot Trail
40. The Point

41. Tom’s Trail
42. Hangover Creek