2023 Member Survey

Summer Activities

Which summer social activities are/would you be likely to participate in?

Members are required to participate in three workdays each season to help maintain our hunt country. What would make it easier for you to attend workdays?

Summer hound exercises are essential to keeping our pack fit! Are you able/willing to help walk hounds (on foot) during the off-season?

If yes, what days/times work best for you?

If you are a junior member or the parent of a junior, what junior-specific activities would you like to see offered during the off-season?

Hunt Season

The following dates are being considered for our 2023 opening hunt. Please indicate which date you would prefer.

Saturday hunts were moved to 11:00 during the winter last season to avoid the colder temperatures. Did you enjoy this later start time, or would you prefer to return to a 10:00 start time?

Due to staffing constraints, FLH did not hunt on Sunday afternoons on the last weekend of each month. Would you prefer that the once a month Sunday hunts return this season?

If you replied "Yes, but at a different time", please specify here.

FLH is fortunate to have four additional fixtures in addition to our main fixture, which allows us to continue hunting when our Easton fixture is off limits due to deer hunting. These include the Flint Hills, Buchanan County, Maryville, and the Stavers’. If you joined us at one of these other fixtures last season, please share which one(s) and a brief statement about what you liked/didn’t like about the location. (Or, enter n/a.)

If you didn’t attend a hunt at one of our other fixtures, please share what prevented you from going. (Or enter n/a.)

Hunts can't happen without adequate staff support! Are you interested in serving as a staff member?

If you replied "Field master" or "Some other way", please specify here.

Staffing isn't the only way to volunteer! Would you be interested in assisting with any of the following important hunt functions?

If you replied "Other", please specify here.

Hunt Ball

Which 2023 hunt ball fundraising activity was your favorite/which do you feel was most effective?

Which fundraising activity/activities would you like to see at upcoming balls?

If you replied "Other", please specify here.

Do you prefer the buffet format or a seated/served dinner?

If you prefer to have dinner served, what is the maximum ticket price you would be willing to pay to cover the additional cost?

Would you be interested in having a live band rather than a DJ?

If yes, what is the maximum ticket price you would pay to cover the additional cost?

Did you like the option of sponsoring a table at the ball?

Regarding the bar, do you prefer:

Providing your contact information will allow us to follow up with you on any comments or regarding volunteer opportunities.

Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey! Feel free to share any additional feedback or comments below.

Thank you!