Survey says…

Thank you to all those who responded to the member survey. We appreciate your time and willingness to share your input. Below is a brief overview of the results (click each category for a bit more detail).

We will be contacting those who mentioned volunteering as staff or in some other capacity (at least, those who included their names or contact information) individually.

Summer Activities – Trail Familiarization

Trail familiarization was by far the most popular choice, followed by moonlight rides and “horse dancing” (which, while not actually a hunt-affiliated activity, is a great opportunity for hunt members and friends to get together and do some arena riding over the summer). Other suggestions included: 

  • Hunt country orienteering course 
  • Hunt country schooling days
  • Overnight camping (w/ moonlight rides)
  • Practice field rides on post
  • FLH-based horse shows or hunter pace for fundraising
  • Hunter trials/paces/point-to-points 
  • Trail clearing on my own schedule/time availability
  • Trail rides with different levels/groups
  • Play day competitions

Hunt Country Maintenance/Work Days – Plan Ahead

While we can’t do anything about poison ivy, ticks, or unpleasant weather, we got the message about planning well in advance (including specifying the activities for each day). This summer’s workdays have been set (see below). In addition, we are introducing an “Adopt-a-Trail” program that will allow members—individually, by family, or in groups—to take responsibility for a specific trail. In addition to scheduled work days, “adopters” will also be able to coordinate with a master to improve their trail on their own schedule. 

May 20 – Coop building
June 24 – Trail maintenance
July 22 – Trail maintenance
August 26 – Trail maintenance
September 24 – Trail maintenance, clubhouse cleaning/organization

Opening Hunt Date – November 4

Based on existing conflicts in October, member responses, and after conferring with MVH, the masters have scheduled opening hunt for November 4. 

Hunt Start Time – 10/11 Depending on Weather

The majority of respondents with a preference chose 11am as our ride-off time. A few members commented on being flexible depending on weather. To optimize our hunting and comfort of hounds, horses, and riders, we will hunt at 10am at the first of the season (through November) and then switch to 11am during the colder months (starting in December).

Sunday Hunts – No

75% of members responded no or no preference regarding Sunday hunts. As Sunday hunting presents challenges related to kennel staff, we will plan to have all hunt on Saturday this season.

Other Fixtures

There were a range of comments—positive and negative—regarding our additional fixtures. The most sigificant concerns were distance and staff unfamiliarity/difficulty getting around. Our alternate fixtures are important (especially when Easton isn’t available), and we will work on making them accessible and enjoyable for members.


Most respondents supported both live and silent auctions as well as 50/50 and spirits raffles. We have noted some of the concerns regarding the auctions and will choose this season’s fundraisers based on income generated and ease of execution.

Huntball Dinner – Buffet

Of those with a preference, more than half preferred a buffet dinner versus paying more for a served meal.

Live Band – No

Only a few people felt a band was preferable to a DJ and/or worth additional cost.

Table Sponsorship – Maybe?

Nearly an equal number of members responded “Yes” and “Didn’t understand how sponsorship worked”. (The other half of respondants answered no/no preference.) We will discuss this further and ensure, if we do it again, that it is clear what sponsorship means.

Bar – Two tickets and cash bar

Nearly 75% of respondents chose this option.

Other Comments – Including wash rack

Thank you to those respondents who offered additional comments. We will be reviewing and discussing the comments related to criteria for awarding hunt colors, number/type of hunt activities, the future of our primary hunt fixture, and the format of the “8EZ” lessons. 

In regards to the wash rack in honor of Karen Hayes, all of the money donated to LFA will be used to install a wash rack area. LFA is in the process of organizing this project.

Regarding FLH meetings, per our by-laws, members are encouraged to attend all annual or other membership meetings. Master’s meetings are atteneded only by masters. However, we will be disseminating recaps of master’s meetings to foster transparency and keep the membership informed on what is being discussed/planned.